Bias Konstruksi Identitas Penyalahguna Narkoba dalam Berita Media Digital

Muliadi Mau, Nurul Ilmi Idrus, Tasrifin Tahara, Muh. Farid


Since 2009, the number of drug users in Indonesia tends to increase. This attracted the attention of  the mass media especially the digital media to report the cases of drug abuse. This study seeks to identify how digital media construct the cases of drugs abuse and the identity of the drug users  in the news. This study uses Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)  preposed by  Norman Fairclough. The analysis focus on the the text, discourse practice and socio-culture practice. This study found that the digital media tends to be biased in reporting the criminal cases of drug abuse and in constructing the identity of the drug users . The identification of the drugs users tends to be based on the academic identity such as Professor, Vice Rector, Lecturer and Student rather than personal identity of the drug users.     

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