Representasi Identitas Musisi Indie dalam Media Sosial Instagram

Arina Habaidillah


This study focuses on the representation of indie musicians on Instagram social media because of the increasing popularity of musicians who choose independent channels and use social media as a place to promote their works and shape their image. They do make the same pattern in promoting their work on Instagram social media because of the influence of the cultural industry. The presence of this new media not only affects indie musicians, but also for musicians who take part in major labels in shaping their image on Instagram social media. The study uses a qualitative approach with netnographic methods because researchers want to see how the indie musicians conduct their own production, promotion and sales processes on their respective Instagram social media accounts. This can affect their identity as independent musicians. The resource persons of this study were Tulus (@tulus) and Jason Ranti (@Jasonranti). The results showed that in Tulus and Jason Ranti's social media there were a lot of fundamental differences even though they both went through the same path, namely independent. Tulus tried to negotiate with commercialism in the music industry, while Jason Ranti settled on the roots of the past independent spirit.

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