Self Presentation on Gay Dramaturgy Process

Novi Andayani Praptiningsih, Rahmiwati Marsinun, Wini Tarmini


Some Indonesian people consider that gay is not in accordance with religious, cultural, and deviant norms. Because sexual behavior like this has not been applied in general and can be accepted by society. Not all gays are brave and able to do self-disclosure (coming out). Individuals who realize themselves as a kind of lover need a long time to identify, confirm, and accept their sexual orientation. Having been able to identify himself as a gay, usually individuals will begin to consider covering up or telling others about this identity. The challenge when a gay person has ventured to come out, he must face a number of questions about the family or the surrounding community, which is certainly prone to cause conflict, both internal and internal. Gay coming out and not fully coming out in Jakarta presents themselves as an effort to grow a certain impression in front of others through the dramaturgy of the front stage and the back stage, by arranging behavior so that other people interpret their identity according to what they want. The aim of the research was to find out the dramaturgy process and model in presenting themselves on the front stage and the gay back stage coming out and gay not fully coming out in Jakarta. The research method uses an interpretive paradigm with a subjective approach, with a type of qualitative research. Data collection techniques using in-depth interviews, observation, Focuss Group Disscussion (FGD), and document review. Data analysis techniques apply interactive models of Miles Huberman. The results showed that Jakarta's gay self presentation on the front stage that had been fully coming out would do self-promotion tactics and even exaggerate. But in gays who are not fully coming out, they will disclaimer by trying to deny and hide their identity as gay. But on the back stage, gays who have been or have not been fully coming out, both carry out a self promotion strategy as a technique of presenting themselves by opening themselves, especially in the gay community. Gay openness coming out on family, community, and society is preceded by the coming in process, namely the acceptance of himself as gay. The research recommendation is the strengthening of religion and the relationship between family members who are humanist, harmonious, and close / familiar to be a solution.

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