Komunikasi Ritual pada Tradisi Bahuma Etnis Dayak Meratus dalam Melestarikan Hutan

Fahrianoor Fahrianoor, Susanne Dida, Edwin Rizal, Herlina Agustin


Most of people may assume that  the Dayak Meratus ethnic group is a shifting cultivation group that destroys forest. This is because the Ethnic Dayak Meratus is a community whose daily life is closely related to the tradition of Bahuma (farming). This farming tradition of the Dayak Meratus Ethnic has a closed relationship with the forest. Because of  that, their farming activities are identified by damaging the forest. In reality of Bahuma's activities, there are many rituals performed by the Meratus Dayak Ethnic. The ritual is part of the belief of the Kaharningan doctrine. The problem statement of this research is how the ritual communication in the tradition of Bahuma Ethnic Dayak Meratus in preserving the forest. Based on this problem statement, this research was conducted with  using ethnographic communication method  as an interpretive approach. The results showed that ritual communication in the Bahuma tradition on the Meratus Dayak Ethnic was found in the form of cultural symbols obtained from their traditions for generations. These symbols are realized in the form of three rituals related to forest sustainability. The  rituals are Mamuja Tampa, Mamuja Kariwaya, and Marandahkan Hall Viewed Sanyawa.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25008/pknk.v2i01.152


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